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China Mainland:400-8844-600

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  • Staff accommodations

    Free accommodation is provided, and the dormitory is well equipped with free WiFi, air conditioning, TV, independent shower facilities and bathroom. The dormitory is within the scope of the hotel and it is very safe and convenient for commuting.

    Staff meals
    Four free buffets each day (normal enjoyment on staff rest days), and A-level standard staff canteen, with both northern and southern flavors; the staff canteen is connected with the hotel area, and the dining environment is comfortable and convenient.

    Staff holiday

    Eight working hours each day and 6-7 public holidays each month; 7 days of paid annual leave for each full year of work; in addition, our staff can also enjoy legal holidays, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, condolence leave and other paid holidays.

    Staff medical care

    The hotel has a medical room which can provide basic medical services and consultation to our guests and staff.

    Staff training

    In order to enhance the employees’ sense of identity to the organization, strengthen the cohesion and team spirit among employees and between employees and managers, the hotel has established a set of joy service system for employees, and combined with the training standards of the hotel group to provide incumbent employees with professional on-the-job training and career planning and create a learning-oriented enterprise. The training is mainly divided into four aspects: monthly special training within the department, cross training, training for supervisory personnel by the Second Class, and public courses.

    Salary adjustment and promotion

    Employees can enjoy the opportunity of annual salary adjustment for each full year of work. The hotel adopts the promotion policy of "internal promotion first and internal employee oriented", to provide each employee with the stage for growth and development and internal employees can preferentially enjoy the promotion opportunities.

    Awards and allowances

    According to the completion status of the hotel performance, there is the monthly performance bonus and year-end bonus;

    Employees with college or bachelor's degree are entitled to a monthly academic allowance, and certificate allowance is provided for employees with CET-4 certificate, CET-6 certificate or junior accounting certificate;

    Loyalty allowance is set up for senior employees who have worked for more than three years.

    Social insurance

    The hotel can buy social insurances for new employees, and the main social insurance types include endowment insurance, medical insurance, complementary medical insurance, unemployment insurance and employment injury insurance.

    Staff activity venue

    The hotel has perfect staff activity venue: reading room, staff KTV, staff net bar, table tennis room, billiards room, chess and cards room, physical training room and fitness room, all being free to use.

    Staff activities

    The hotel organizes various staff activities on a regular or irregular basis, such as the monthly birthday party, chess games, ball games, tug-of-war games, staff karaoke contests, the Spring Festival celebration, Chinese New Year reunion dinner, knowledge contests, fun games and skills contests. There are activities every month, with a lot of prizes and fun.

    Other welfares

    The hotel provides free work clothes and washing services, and distributes work shoes and socks on a regular basis.

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